Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Maroon 5 Concert

HOWL! What animals!
So, yesterday afternoon my mom called me at work. I figured she just called to chit chat, but she told me that she and her friends were going to see Maroon 5 that night, and one of the ladies had cancelled so she had an extra ticket. She asked if I wanted to go. I thought, "Is that even a question? Of course I want to go!"

So I quickly got home, dolled myself in my best "Animals" outfit, and ran out the door to catch the metro to meet the group at the Verizon Center.

ME-OW! Got this skirt from Express for less than $15. So worth it!
It was slow to fill, since plenty of people just waited to show up for Maroon 5. Row C seats!
I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not a wild and crazy crowd. Most people fell into two categories: 20-something women, people in their 50's (either in groups of ladies or as couples), and then parents with their teenage children. So, it ended up being a pretty tame night, which I was very happy about, seeing as it was a Monday night!

The concert started off with Rozzi Crane. I had never heard of her before, but she has a very strong voice, and I enjoyed hearing some of her songs. Here are a couple:

Crazy Ass Bitch
Half The Man
And she does great cover songs; she sang Heart's "Barracuda" last night. 

Then there was Magic! This group is best known for their song "Rude." But other than that hit, I wasn't really into their music. If I'm going to listen to something with a reggae beat, I'd rather hear Jah Works or Ballyhoo!, both of whom I've seen live. Plus, when you're looking forward to seeing sexy Adam Levine, the lead singer of Magic!, Nasri, is NOT easy on the eyes. He has long, greasy hair, had his shirt unbuttoned to his navel, and wore those silly TOMS shoes with no socks. And he CANNOT dance. You'd think a band like Maroon 5 could get a better opener...Oh well.

Then on to the main event! Maroon 5 puts on a great show, with amazing lights that come down from the ceiling in different formations, and what incredible sound! The show started off strong with "Animals," and then there was a good mix of their older and new stuff; it was fun hearing those songs I listened to back in 8th grade, as well as the hits playing on the radio today. I was singing along to every song at the top of my lungs! Here's a list of my favorites:
Harder to Breathe
This Love
Love Somebody
Moves Like Jagger (Rozzi sang the Christina Aguilera part)
She Will Be Loved (Adam asked the crowd to put away their cell phones for this song, and most people cooperated!)
One More Night

And I do feel silly, but I know James Valentine (left) better for being the brother of Project Runway contestant Amanda Valentine than for his contribution to the band.

Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure. I just can't believe how close we were!
The overhead lights were amazing! They moved to create different configurations!

We no longer hold up lighters at concerts. We are in the age of technology!
AMAZING SHOW! I would totally see them again in a heartbeat. And even though Adam Levine never took his shirt off, I did get to see the local version of this cut-out: 

"My innocent eyes! They burn!" Image found here: http://goo.gl/SszsMv

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