Thursday, May 21, 2015

Concert: Etana

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Last night I finally made it to the Howard Theatre (I had never been before!), and my boyfriend and I saw Etana in concert. My bf loves reggae music, and we had listened to some of her music online, so we thought we'd go see her live.

Etana was awesome! She has such a strong voice and is so talented! She also has amazing stage presence. The whole room glows with her in it, and I loved how charismatic she was and how she connected with individuals from the crowd. You could tell how appreciative she was for all of those who came out to see her perform, even if the audience was on the small side. Her band was also very good, especially the lead guitarist and her male back-up singers. They all put on such a great show, and continued playing even after the performance was supposed to end! I would definitely see Etana in concert again if she comes back to DC!

Here are some of the songs she performed (click links for videos):

Jah Chariot
I Rise
Richest Girl
I Am Not Afraid
Love Song
If Tomorrow Never Comes

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