Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Play Review: Catch Me If You Can

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I love the movie Catch Me If You Can, so when my boyfriend said there was a play version, I definitely wanted to see it! I had never been to the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre, so I was excited to see a new venue, too.

The Theatre is very close to the Annapolis waterfront, so it was very pleasant to walk around for a little bit before the doors for the show opened (we saw lots of people enjoying ice cream while they waited). When we went inside, I was very surprised to see that our seats were outside! I guess I didn't really think about what a "summer garden theater" meant, but it means you're watching the play under the stars! Luckily we had beautiful weather: it was a warm night and no rain!

I was very impressed with the talent of the actors, and I thought the parts were well-cast. Ron Giddings was amazing as Frank Abagnale, Jr., and Joshua Mooney (who hasn't even graduated from college yet!) was equally as talented as Carl Hanratty. Alicia Sweeney, who played both Paula Abagnale and Carol Strong, could feign both a French and southern accent! I really enjoyed all of the songs: they were well-written, catchy, and this cast brought lots of energy to every number! And I shouldn't forget the musicians: bravo to them as well!

I think my only complaint would be the ensemble's wardrobe. The high school letter sweaters were ill-fitting and in a garish peach/orange/purple combination. And the things they made the ladies wear! They wore tight lycra pants that gave every one of them camel-toe, and teeny tiny black shorts that should only be worn by athletes (or in a gym); they frequently had to wear shirts as dresses, too. The women also had to wear these high-collared halter tops, and a few of them didn't wear strapless bras, so I was distracted by their bra straps that were showing. And the entire nurse number ("Doctor's Orders") was too risque for me, but I guess that was the point...? It went something like this:

But all in all, I definitely recommend this show and this theater! Five stars!

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