Thursday, August 27, 2015

Concert: Kip Moore at the Fillmore

Last night I saw Kip Moore perform at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. The tickets were very reasonably priced, and it's a great venue to get close to the stage (we were probably "four rows" away from the stage had there been seats).

His opener was Scott Kurt, a local from Virginia. I liked seeing a local guy perform, and I thought he did a pretty good job! His style was kind of eclectic: His guitar-style reminded me of Collin Raye or John Michael Montgomery (great country singers from the 90's), and his voice sometimes sounded like Chris Cagle. He had some fun songs, so I hope he's able to get more coverage (maybe radio?).

Then it was on to the main act. Kip and his band are a lot of fun, laughing together and calling out fans in the crowd making fun of them. Right off the bat, they seem like fun people to hang out with.

Kip has a new CD out (the whole point of the show was to promote the new album, Wild Ones). So he performed mostly new stuff, but he threw in some of his hits like "Hey Pretty Girl," "Beer Money," and "Somethin' 'bout a Truck." Here are some of his newer songs (somewhat in order of my favorites):

What Ya Got on Tonight
That Was Us
Running for You
Come and Get It
That's Alright with Me
Heart's Desire

It was an acoustic show, which I didn't know ahead of time. But I thought all of the music was really good! There were some silly parts of the show, like Kip's many references to wanting to have babies (is his biological clock ticking?) or his reference to the radio station WPOC instead of WMZQ. And of course there were the annoying high school students trying to push their way through the crowd and the group of moms who were talking throughout the show and not even listening to the music. They were missing a great show!

Kip's going to be performing on Halloween at Rams Head Live!, too! Click here for ticket info. Maybe I'll see you there!

PS: Sorry for the lull in blog posts recently. I was on a Birthright trip to Israel and only just got back. Stay tuned for future blog posts on my trip!

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