Thursday, September 24, 2015

Movie Review: Focus [SPOILERS]

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Redbox had a $1 off movie deal the other night, so I took advantage of it and rented Focus. I wasn't really sure what the movie was about, but I figured and were going to get it on, and that's hot.

Here's the story. Smith is a con-man (with a gambling problem), and Robbie wants to learn the trade. He teaches her, and they fall for each other. But he abruptly leaves her. Fast-forward three years. Smith is running a con for a race car driver (or race car owner/designer...?), and discovers that Robbie is dating that guy (i.e. sexy Karl in Love Actually). Seeing her again throws him off his game; Smith decides to con the man who paid him FOR the con out of jealousy. Smith begs Robbie to run away with him. As they're trying to get away, they are caught in the con and think they will be killed. We learn that Robbie was coning the race-car guy, too, and that Smith was conning her (sort of). He gets shot by his dad (pretending to be the race-car guy's bodyguard; I know, confusing), but he doesn't die, and the movie ends with Robbie walking Smith to the hospital.

Besides the incredibly hot cast, this movie is pretty boring. At first the whole part about her learning the art of the con is interesting. But you never really connect with the characters, there's very little action, and the movie just sort of ends without the film even telling a full story. The film feels like it's missing something (maybe focus?...See what I did there?), and the audience is left unfulfilled. A movie should transport you out of reality, but the whole time I was thinking "Why am I watching this movie? When is it going to be over?" I never got into the film and just felt "meh" about it. Two stars.

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