Monday, September 14, 2015

Restaurant Review: H Street Country Club

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I went to see a play at the Atlas Performing Arts Center (blog post about that to come), and I wanted to eat somewhere nearby before the show. I chose the H Street Country Club. Here are my thoughts.


-I was going with a friend who is vegetarian, so I wanted to pick a place that had several options for her. This restaurant offers a lot of vegetarian dishes, since all the tacos/enchiladas/burritos can be made with vegetables instead of meat. So that was great!

-Although the menu isn't very large, I did think the restaurant offered a good variety of Mexican food. I think there is something for everyone on the menu!

-Our waitress was really nice. She was friendly, very helpful, and she was honest (for example, I asked for sour cream, but she let me know that the restaurant charges for that).

-While my friend and I did not play the 9-hole miniature golf course upstairs, I do think the idea is cute (and very appropriate for the name!).


-While our waitress did a good job, the rest of the staff was pretty worthless. The bouncer who was carding customers was on his smoke break and had to rush over to card me before I walked into the restaurant. I was not greeted by a hostess or bartender when I walked in; I wasn't even offered a drink at the bar. There were between 5-10 staff members in the area when I arrived, and not a single one paid attention to me unless I asked them a question. What kind of customer service is that?

-We were eating during happy hour, so I figured I'd get one of their $5 margaritas. Well, there's a reason the drinks are only $5. I don't know if it's the tequila or the margarita mix, but the drink did NOT taste good; I just finished it because I had paid for it.

-This is one of those Mexican restaurants that doesn't offer you chips and salsa right off the bat when you sit down. You have to pay for those! And the guacamole was $9, and although it was homemade and tasted quite good, it did not measure up to other guac I've had before (Rosa Mexicano's is amazing and definitely worth the money).

-The tacos were okay (you can mix-and-match), but after having the mini-tacos at A.G. Kitchen, these paled in comparison. I didn't finish them and didn't bother taking leftovers home.

-The cuisine and the name of the restaurant do not go together. When I think of a country club, nothing about Mexico comes to mind. I think of plaid pants, sweater vests, old scotch and English-inspired nibbles. The juxtaposition just doesn't work for me.

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