Monday, October 19, 2015

Concert at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA

While I was visiting my sister in California, one of my favorite bands, The Wind and The Wave, just happened to be performing at The Mint in Los Angeles. So of course I bought tickets!

Gestures & Sounds
This is the first headline tour for The Wind and The Wave, so there were two other opening acts before we got to see the main event. The first band was Gestures & Sounds. They are very young (maybe still in college?), and it showed in their music. Their playing definitely could use improvement, and their voices aren't up to par (the keyboardist, Jory Federighi, should NEVER sing). I appreciated their interesting lyrics, and their song "Coach" had a Doors-like sound about it. But all in all, I think they need A LOT more practice before performing in front of an audience.

The lead singer, Eric Fashingbauer. Photo by Taylor Arion
The keyboardist, Jory Federighi. He reminded me of a girl I went to college with...

The bassist, Brian Legoo, was the eye candy of the group. Photo by Taylor Arion
Next up was The American Spirit. Online it looks like a group, but at least for this performance, just the lead singer, Gabe Strycharz, was on stage. The difference between his show and the first band was like night and day. He has obviously perfected his craft over the years. His melancholy voice reminded me of the pioneers or someone who was part of the '49 Gold Rush. His voice just sounded so wise and sad, like it came from someone who had experienced decades of hardship. His music is soulful with a dash of country-twang. I really enjoyed listening to him sing, and it was too bad that there were a lot of obnoxious people in the crowd talking while he was performing; even when he called them out on it, they didn't shut up. So that was annoying! But I did like listening to him and appreciated his work. After listening to some of the songs online, I actually prefer his solo acoustic sound! ("Alcohol" is my favorite.)
Gabe Strycharz from The American Spirit. He reminded me of a young Willie Nelson (without the pigtails).
And then it was time to see The Wind and The Wave! Since I've seen them so many times (here's my blog post about the first time I saw them), I immediately recognized Patty Lynn, Dwight, and Nick (their cute new drummer!) when they were walking around the venue before the show. They did not disappoint! I loved singing along to their original songs, and they also performed a few cover songs for their encore. Check them out on YouTube! They're the best!

Photo by Taylor Arion
Patty Lynn looked lovely as always. Photo by Taylor Arion
Me with the band. Photo by Taylor Arion
I was so excited to buy their tour poster (which they signed) and to get a picture with them! I'm such a groupie... (Yes, I'm wearing a shirt that my sister made for me specifically for this band...Maybe the band can get her to make them some to sell? *wink*)

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