Thursday, October 8, 2015

Restaurant Review: The BBQ Joint in Easton, MD

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I love barbecue (in case you missed my blog post on Mission BBQ, which is my favorite). I was on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and had a hankering for BBQ, so I looked on Yelp and found The BBQ Joint. It's a small, quaint location in a cute Shore town. The servers are friendly and welcome you with a smile, and the sawdust shavings on the floor give the whole place a warm, country feeling. Three of us went out to eat, and we easily split the the Jr. T-Rex platter (photo below).

The Jr. T- Rex platter. I don't even want to know what the full T-Rex looks like...
The food was amazing! The corn bread muffins were lovely, the mac & cheese was extra cheesy, and the chicken was so tender. The potato salad was also very good, and I enjoyed the sweet taste of their coleslaw (I think they use apple cider vinegar?). And the sweet tea was super-sweet, just how I like it!

But we can't talk about barbecue without mentioning pulled pork and the sauces that go with it. The meat was pretty good (and we got a double order of pulled pork because they were out of ribs), so no complaints there. But compared to Mission BBQ, these sauces were a little bland. They had sweet, spicy, medium, and swicy (sweet AND spicy). For one, they didn't get creative with naming their sauces like Mission BBQ did. But more importantly, the flavors were just "meh." I liked the medium best; the sweet wasn't that sweet, the spicy was too spicy for my liking, and the swicy was just weird.

I appreciated the wide bar stools: I didn't feel like I was perched on some tiny thing about to fall off!
All in all though, I really like this place. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and the food is delicious and cooked right in front of you! So, while Mission BBQ is still #1 in my mind, I think the BBQ Joint is a close second. Now I need to try the Joint's DC location!

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