Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Superbowl 50 Commercials

I always enjoy watching the Superbowl (or at least eating the yummy food at a Superbowl party). Of course, we all know that the commercials are almost as important as the actual football game itself. Here is my take on this year's commercials.


My favorite was definitely this Heinz commercial. But I'm a sucker for the spots with animals in them!

I know some people thought this Snickers commercial was kind of creepy, but I thought it was hilarious!

Hyundai had some good ones, too. I liked this one featuring Ryan Reynolds.

And the Kevin Hart one was funny, too (although a bit stalker-ish).

The other car commercial I liked was the Honda one with singing sheep!

This Kung Fu Panda commercial for Wix was clever: they imitated previous Superbowl commercials, like the Budweiser frogs and the Old Spice guy.

This Pokémon commercial was inspiring, mainly showing confident kids, which you don't see enough of these days:

And seeing as I'm an environmentalist (or at least work for an environmental non-profit), of course I have to stand behind Colgate's #EveryDropCounts campaign:

Other than the weird kiss at the end, I enjoyed this Marmot commercial (and its message for getting outside):

This Axe ad just goes to show you that there are many ways to define a "real man."

Both of T-Mobile's spots were pretty funny, although they still didn't convince me to switch from Verizon:

I don't own a Fitbit, nor do I have any interest in wearing one. But I pretty much like anything that promotes healthy living and working out.

Ditto for this Advil spot:

 AND this Michelob Ultra ad:

I thought this talking razor was funny, and the commercial was better than Schick's (see below). Can only men subscribe to the Dollar Shave Club?

Given the fact that we're in an election year, this Bud Light ad was totally appropriate.

Fun music and dancing? I'm all for Janelle Monáe and Pepsi!

I hate anything that has to do with babies/pregnancy/childbirth, but Doritos actually made those topics kind of funny.

And their other commercial was pretty good, too (again, because of the dogs):

Although a bit strange, I do like avocados, and I thought these aliens were amusing:

Not Funny/Dumb

As much as I like Christopher Walken, I just didn't get this Kia ad.

There's just no good way to talk about toenail fungus. Like this Jublia's ad:

It was hard for me to follow this Amazon Echo commercial. Maybe I was just waiting for Alec Baldwin to say something about Capital One?

I think I was just biased again this ad because when I used the website looking for an apartment, it wasn't helpful at all. But, I do think Jeff Goldblum's still got it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting old. When will he just let it go?

I realize this Schick commercial is supposed to appeal to men, but I just don't like robots.

Everyone is busy eating while watching the Superbowl, right? So we don't really want to hear about constipation issues.

I'm sick of all-things super hero. PLEASE, can we move on to something new and original?!

Maybe it's because I don't like this beer, but I wasn't feeling this Shock Top commercial.

I won't eat a Butterfinger normally, let alone while riding a bull and jumping out of an airplane. There's nothing bold about that. That's just dangerous!

I'm glad that Toyota is finally trying to make the Prius look cool, but this ad didn't do it for me (especially since it seems like the company is condoning robbing banks...)

Totally Weird/WTF

I think this Mountain Dew ad was the first commercial I saw during the Superbowl. Or if it wasn't, it certainly made an impression (NOT a good one) that stuck with me for the rest of the night.

I'm 100% against drinking and driving, but this super-serious ad was so out-of-place for the Superbowl, and I think it mostly fell upon deaf ears, anyway.

Steven Tyler + Skittles = REALLY strange.

The biggest disappointments for me were the fact that GoDaddy didn't even have an ad (maybe Danika Patrick is getting too old for them?), and that the Budweiser commercial didn't pull at your heartstrings like in years past. See below:

This year's:

Past year's:

I realize these are hard to top, but really? Budweiser didn't even try this year!

Which were your favorite Superbowl commercials?

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