Friday, January 13, 2017

Stephen Lynch at the Birchmere

This week I got to see Stephen Lynch perform at the Birchmere. I saw him there last in 2012, so it's been several years since I last heard him (and I honestly haven't kept up with his songs/comedy). I was excited to see him, especially to hear his new work!

He played a lot of newer songs:

And some songs that may not be quite as new but I had never heard before:

And here are some of his older songs that he performed:

I own his A Little Bit Special CD, so I was glad he played some of those songs! This show was great (he's fantastic live), so I recommend seeing him if you have the chance!

PS: Did you know that he performed in the Broadway version of The Wedding Singer years ago? And got a Tony nomination for it? Who knew!

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