Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending [SPOILERS]

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This past weekend I saw Jupiter Ascending with a friend. I will admit that Sci-Fi is not my genre of choice (except for Star Trek and Star Wars), but both of the main actors are hot and I wanted to see them get it on.

And seeing as that didn't happen, this movie was pretty much a complete wash. For one, there wasn't enough back-story. The past was alluded to, but flashbacks here and there would have been helpful, even perhaps starting the movie far into the past and then racing back into the future. There were too many things that were mentioned but not explained fully, leaving the audience confused and wanting more answers. Also, there is a lack of characterization, especially for the two main actors. You can tell that Channing Tatum's character has some anger issues and a lot of baggage, and Mila Kunis' character is just some pretty girl with zero personality. The fact that they both fall for each other so quickly is 1. immature and stupid and 2. ridiculous because there's nothing there besides good looks! It just was hard for me (and I'm sure for others) to connect to these characters whom we know so little about and really feel no empathy for.

Then there were other things that were just weird. Eddie Redmayne sounds just like he did as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. One character has an Oedipus complex and wants to marry the woman who is the reincarnation of his mother. And I wanted to shave off Tatum's goatee the whole time.

I think the only parts I liked were Kunis' wedding dress in the movie, and the planet where the character Kalique Abrasax lives, since it too is covered in flowers and is so beautiful.

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If you like action and a lot of explosions, then you may enjoy this movie. But otherwise, don't bother. Two out of five stars.

PS: I realize I mainly write movie reviews about silly movies. I do watch important films! I have seen American Sniper and The Imitation Game, which are both phenomenal, but they are so good I don't know what I'd say in a blog post besides, "Go see this movie!"

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