Monday, December 7, 2015

2016 New Year's Resolutions

I've always been a fan on New Year's resolutions, and I usually keep them up throughout the years (this blog was one in 2013!). And I usually set more than one (because I've always been an over-achiever). This year I have several, but I suppose it's not that many if you group all of the ones that have to do with food and all the ones that have to do with saving money into two MAIN resolutions. See what I mean here:

Food-related resolutions:

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1. Stop eating food that has no nutritional value. This means no more Rita's italian ice, no more sweet tea from McDonald's or Mission BBQ, and in general no more desserts. A treat every once in a while (as in once or twice a month) is okay, but these things just shouldn't be a part of anyone's regular diet. And drinking your calories isn't even that fun, anyway!

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2. Cut food servings in half. These days the portions at restaurants are so huge! There is no reason why anyone needs to eat that much food. I am usually pretty good about this one, but I just need to remember not to stuff myself at one sitting. I should enjoy a smaller-sized meal twice instead!

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3. Don't keep candy at my desk. After lunch at work, I usually like to have something sweet (mainly just to get that "food" taste of our my mouth). And while I already keep the portions very low (for example, I'll eat five M&Ms), I don't need to eat candy every day. Instead, I will keep a toothbrush at my desk, and after lunch I will brush my teeth. I'll lose the food taste, my breath will be minty-fresh, and brushing is much better for your teeth than sugar anyway!

4. Don't eat food at public events. Since middle school, I have realized that if I'm at a party where there is free food, I will stuff myself. I'm trying to talk with people, but I can't shake hands because I'm holding plates of food; I'm talking with my mouth full; it's simply unattractive. This is not college anymore when you're always looking for free food that didn't come from the dining hall. I am a grown woman who can pay for and make my own food. So unless I'm out specifically to eat (for example, going to dinner with a friend), I'm not going to gorge myself on food in front of other people (and will not do so in my own house, either!).

5. Keep a food diary. Sometimes with all this eating, you lose track of what you're actually putting in your body. But if I were to write down everything I ate, I would know! I won't measure my food or count calories (that takes up too much time and is even more obsessive than this list already is), but I will write down what I eat. If I eat anything bad (like those things mentioned in #1), I will highlight it in my food diary. Hopefully by the end of 2016, I will have no more than 24 highlights (i.e. twice a month)!

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6. Don't keep "bad" food in the house. This goes along with #1. It's easier not to eat unhealthy foods in they aren't in your house! So I'm not going to keep things like ice cream, candy, potato chips, etc. in my home. I usually don't have these things in my apartment, but for 2016 I definitely won't!

And these are the ones that have to do budgeting:

7. Don't eat out as often. This sort of has to do with food, but it's more about saving money. I eat out roughly 3-4 times a week now. Sometimes I'm paying, sometimes I'm not. But if I'm meeting up with friends, there's no reason why we can't A. do a different activity other than getting a meal out (take a painting class, visit a museum, etc.) or B. cook a meal together at one of our homes.

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8. Don't buy any more Living Social deals or Groupons. I LOVE these deals! On average I probably buy one every week. And while I do use them (I try not to let them expire), that is almost $100 a month that just disappears. If I'm not going to eat out as often, then I won't need as many deals. I may let myself get one or two every once and a while, especially when they have great gift deals over the holidays, but they won't be a regular part of my spending anymore.

9. Save $200 a month. This is just straight-up saving. I don't want to put away too much, especially since I'm already putting 8% of my income into my retirement fund. But I want to open another bank account which would hold money that I wouldn't touch until something big came up, like buying a new car or putting a down payment on a house. I do have plenty of discretionary income, but that doesn't mean I need to spend it all! So instead I'll save $100 from each paycheck. It's not too much, but it's a start. I can always add more if I feel comfortable doing so later on.

And last but not least:
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10. Wear make-up every day. I don't wear a lot of make-up, but when I do, even just eyeliner and mascara can make an incredible difference! Just a touch of make-up creates a vastly improved face: I look better, therefore I feel better! It only takes an extra five minutes in the morning; I should take the time to complete my outfits every morning with a little blush, lipstick, and eye make-up!

 I realize that a lot of these are telling me NOT to do something. But remember: self-deprivation is the highest form of self-discipline.

Whew, that is quite the list! What are your New Year's Resolutions?


  1. I love cooking together as an activity! If you want to save money and have super healthy snacks (if you eat veg/vegan you can generally eat larger amounts and feel fuller) I highly recommend Bending Bridge Farm at the Bethesda Farmer's market. Delicious veggies at decent prices (yeah, it's often higher than the grocery store, but much higher quality), and they are super friendly and nice if you want cooking recommendations.

    My resolution: Make small decisions quickly, and large decisions slowly. Too often I agonize over inconsequential decisions (like when shopping for something that's going to cost $10 max). I need to save my time and energy for more important things. Now that I've told you, it will help me stick to it!

    1. I should definitely try to cook more! I mainly make protein shakes and salads for myself...Or eat out! :)

      And I think your resolution sounds great! Being decisive is always a good thing!