Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Spring Purchases

Pretty much every time I visit my parents on Maryland's Eastern Shore, I visit the Queenstown Premium Outlets. Sometimes I can go a little crazy there with my shopping, easily spending several hundred dollars. But this past Easter weekend, I kept it together and only bought a few items, all of which I am very excited to wear this spring! Here are my conquests:

Ultra-suede cardigan from Chico's
This is from last season, so while this was originally priced at $149 (!!!), then on sale for $65, I got it for $15 on final sale! It is so soft and cozy; I'm looking forward to snuggling in it and watching a movie on a quiet night at home.

Sundress from Old Navy
This little dress is so cute, and I got it for just $20 (It's $30 online and in non-outlet stores.). I'm so pumped to finally show off some skin again now that it's finally warm! Although, I will admit that I didn't think about the fact that this dress doesn't have a shelf-bra, and I really hate strapless bras. So...that's a dilemma I'll have to think about later.

Half-zip from Nautica
I could not for the life of me find this item online. My guess is that it's specifically for factory/outlet stores, AND it was on sale, so there aren't any left. I even bought an XS because there were no more smalls left. I like the little striped detail (it looks like you're wearing a camisole underneath), and there are a few navy blue stripes at the bottom of the shirt (which you can't see in this photo). I think this will be nice to wear when I'm wearing a cute dress (like the one above) if I get a little chilly at night. It might also work as warm-up wear for tennis. We'll see!

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