Monday, October 31, 2016

Washington International Horse Show

Each fall, I walk past the Verizon Center and see F Street blocked off with horse stables, and then I remember that the Washington International Horse Show is in town! I would always forget and never bought tickets, but this year I remembered! I figured since my friends and I weren't going to the International Gold Cup this fall, we could do this instead. What's not to love about horses?

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This horse show is a lot of fun! I got GREAT seats (fourth row!) for just $22 each, so it's an inexpensive way to spend a fun evening. Of course I've never grown out of my pony phase, so I loved just watching the horses. I don't know why horses are such a girl thing, but the majority of the audience was made of up young girls who already ride. Because of the young audience, there were a lot of silly bits to the show, like contests for which group (stable? farm?) designed the best poster, which group brought the most people and had the most team spirit, etc. I didn't care about that part; I just wanted to see the horses and ponies!

Here are some videos I found online. I'm not sure if they're exactly from the evening when I went, but you get the idea:

One of the reasons I bought tickets for this particular day was because I knew there would be Shetland pony races. How cute is that?! (I apologize for the buzzing noise in the background of the video below.)

There was an adult's competition at the end, and the riders were all dressed up for Halloween (some even decorated their horses!). While this all sounds really fun, the winner received $30,000, so that's a pretty serious prize! Here are some pics of the costumes:

A clown. A little creepy with all of this scary clown stuff happening recently...
This guy was actually on the Olympic team! Hence his jacket.
The Queen of Hearts. And her horse was the White Rabbet, with ears, glasses, and a fluffy bunny tail!
USA Pride
I loved the skeleton form painted on this horse!
The rider is Ash, and the horse is Pikachu.
Bond. James Bond.
Dr. Seuss' Thing 1 and Thing 2!
I had a really fun time at this horse show, and I highly recommend it. The only thing that would have made the night better would have been if we were allowed to pet the horses!

Although, I was not quite inspired enough to do this:

girl weird jump random horse
GIF found here.
Okay, that's enough GIFs for one post...

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