Friday, November 4, 2016

Lewis Black Comedy Show

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Last night I saw Lewis Black live at the Fillmore in Silver Spring! I had seen his stand-up on TV and thought he was hilarious, so when a friend bought tickets, I definitely wanted to go! AND we got to sit in the front row!
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John Bowman opened up for Lewis Black. He's another older guy, and his stuttering or stumbling over his words was a bit distracting (just as it is when Black does it, too). I didn't find him particularly funny, but he did sing a song (accompanied by a ukulele) about Gwyneth Paltrow's recommendation to "steam your vagina" as a spa treatment. So that was amusing.

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Of course Lewis Black mostly told jokes related to politics. He did say that he thinks he may be out of a job soon, now that reality (i.e. the election mess that we're in now) is crazy enough on its own that he doesn't need to tell jokes. I think he poked more fun at Trump, but he certainly made comments about Hillary as well, particularly since he had to "deal with" her when she was the senator of New York. He also joked about Silver Spring, since he's from the area, and did at one point get on his soapbox about mental illness (not as funny). He did have a running joke about how he was going to create a gun store in Alabama called "Jewy Jew's" (or was it "Jewy Lew's"?), so he peppered that joke into his routine throughout the evening (clearly lots of NRA jokes, too).

I was certainly entertained, but I didn't think this show was as funny as his previous stuff. I laughed out loud a few times, but I just wasn't feeling it. But I am thankful that he didn't heckle those of us in the front row like some other comedians would! And I did buy some merchandise for my dad: he's going to love them as gifts!

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