Friday, March 17, 2017

Concert: Thomas Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini in Baltimore

Last week I went to a country music concert at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore. The two openers were Russell Dickerson and Ryan Hurd (neither of whom I had heard of before), and then Kelsea Ballerini came on stage before the headliner, Thomas Rhett. I thought the concert was very good: we had pretty good seats (row AA!), and everything ran so smoothly in between acts that the time flew by (AND the concert actually started on time)! Here are some songs we heard from these artists:

Russell Dickerson (looks like the love child of Parenthood's young Keanu Reeves and Dead Poets Society's Josh Charles; definitely needs a hair cut because it was floppin' all over the place!)

Image found here
I really liked his music! I'm not sure how he slipped under my radar. I could definitely see him climbing the charts in the future. And even though I had never heard of him before, anyone who can sing Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" is good in my book! Here are two songs he performed that night:

Blue Tacoma (my personal favorite of the night)

Yours (I think this is his biggest hit; the crowd loved it!)

Ryan Hurd was up next. I didn't like him as much, but I still enjoyed the music. Here are some of his videos I found on YouTube:

Love in a Bar

City Girl

Hold You Back

Notice her romper is about the size of a one-piece bathing suit. Why do guys get to wear real clothes, but female stars have to be practically naked to be considered true artists? #FeministRant
Kelsea Ballerini was next, and she has great energy! She was so appreciative of the crowd, and even said that this was the largest crowd she'd ever played to! I liked that she sang some more pop/rock songs, like "Closer" and "Apologize," but she has a lot of her own great hits:

Yeah Boy

Peter Pan (my new anthem. See my previous blog post)

Love Me Like You Mean It




The First Time

I guess when you're famous you can put your face on the big screen...
Thomas Rhett was the headliner for the event. He was also as appreciative as Kelsea was, and I would definitely see him perform again. Here are some of his big hits:

It Goes Like This

 Die a Happy Man

Star of the Show


Make Me Wanna

American Spirit (I hadn't heard this one before, but I really like it! Very patriotic!)

Rhett also plays the drums, so he and his drummer were dueling it out at one point!
They played short bits of several songs acoustically; that was neat!
He played some home videos of him singing when he was really little, which was pretty cute. He started singing and writing early! But, there were a few parts of his show that I didn't like. I practically gagged when he talked about how beautiful his pregnant wife is. And mid-way through his show, he and his band weren't even performing one of is songs; I didn't even know what was going on! There was a lot of counting numbers, clapping, and then Rhett somehow ended up laying on the stage while people threw baby clothes at him. Yeah...all of that I could have done without.

That being said, all in all I had a really good time at the concert. So much good music!

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