Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My 28th Birthday!

I usually celebrate my birthday by getting together with friends, but this year my mom and I celebrated with a Mommy-Daughter vacation to Hilton Head, South Carolina!

"Welcome to South Carolina!"
Here are the main criteria for a fun birthday:

1. Drinks: My parents got me my very own birthday bottle of champagne, and we also enjoyed more wine and sangria on this trip, too. 

Lots of mimosas were had!
 Food: We mostly ate in, but we still like to treat ourselves, even if we're eating at home!

Who doesn't love a big salad?

Funfetti pancakes!

Balanced birthday breakfast!
 3. Fun activities: We walked on the beach every day, did a little shopping, and I soaked in some rays by the pool. My mom took me out for a birthday dinner at a local seafood restaurant, so that was great, too. On our last night we went to see the musical "Sister Act." (here's my blog post on that)
I never was good at taking selfies. But I can rock a tiara!
Notice the birthday girl pin!
When I returned home from my trip, my mailbox was full of cards from friends and family. You are all so special to me! Thank you!

*Take note of all the unicorn-related cards. You all know me too well!

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