Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sister Act: The Musical

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While I was on vacation on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, I saw the musical Sister Act at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina. It's a small, local venue that's very cute. There was an art exhibit in the building, so my mom and I enjoyed browsing before the show started. As far as picking out seats goes, the theater is small enough that anywhere you sit offers a great view of the stage.

The play follows quite closely to the movie, so if you like the Whoopi Goldberg film, you'll get a kick out of this show!

Here are a few random videos I was able to find:

1. Interview with cast members featured in the Hilton Head show:

2. Preview of the Hilton Head show:

 3. Song "Fabulous Baby" (different cast):

4. Song "Raise Your Voice" (different cast):

5. Song "Spread the Love" (different cast):

6. Song "When I Find My Baby" (different cast):

Maybe these little snippets have inspired you! You've still got a few more weeks to see it, so if you're in the HHI area, I definitely suggest seeing this performance. And if not, check and see if this show is coming to an area near you!

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