Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fashion Trends Guys Hate

I recently read this article in the Huffington Post: Because I'm a woman, I clearly have different ideas about this. But here's what I think:

I agree with a lot of these. The pockets-out-of-shorts is definitely silly because your shorts should never be THAT short; the wedge sneakers and any hats besides baseball caps are dumb. Shoulder pads have not made a comeback like other trends (ex. crop tops), and I'm not sure they will. The same goes for high waisted jeans: some people are trying it, but in general, I don't think that's a trend that will last. I'm more of a mid-rise person myself. Bows should be left for Minnie Mouse; hammer pants should be left for MC Hammer. And shirts where you can see the bra are silly because they are clearly too big. Just buy a smaller shirt! Fold over ankle boots don't look good on anyone, and fake nails are SO impractical (I let my natural nails grow a little out so that they make my fingers look long and thin, but I don't let them grow SO long). 
 And I am amazed by how many women still think men like lots of make-up. I have NEVER met a man who liked getting foundation all over him, and if you wear a lot of make-up, and then the morning after have no make-up on, that man is in for a rude awakening; if she needed that much make-up to begin with, she's probably not that pretty. I've always preferred natural-looking make-up (though a dark/red lip every once in a while can be sexy for special occasions). Embrace your natural beauty!
Some of these trends only look good on certain body types. Mullet dresses work for very tall women, but would make me look like I'm drowning in the dress (hence why I don't wear maxi dresses). Pant suits can look very flattering if they have a feminine cut and fit LIKE A GLOVE; a suit that isn't tailored to your specific body is never going to look good. Bandeau bikini tops sometimes look good; sometimes they don't. I have a couple, and I'm a fan, but I like my bikinis with straps as well.

But I like a lot of these even if boys don't. Peplums are definitely a hot trend right now, and I actually just bought two peplum tops! Leggings can be very sexy when worn the right way (and if you have a cute butt!), and while I can see why men don't like over-sized sweaters (since they hide a woman's figure), I like them because once the sweater comes off, you realize you have a thin girl under there! I love bangles for summertime, and in general jewelry is just an easy way to add a little something to an outfit. Super-high heels are very sexy, IF a woman can walk in them. I agree that a girl teetering on her shoes about to fall over is not hot. But if she can walk in them, I love it (and I'm talking stilettos here. I don't like platforms or really chunky heels). High waisted skirts actually are very flattering because they accentuate a woman's curves. All of these low-rise bottoms just aren't as flattering to a woman's natural shape (i.e. muffin top). I will say I prefer pencil skirts that are high waisted than A-line, so maybe that's what this article means. And pointy-toed shoes are like the finger nails: they give the appearance of length, and therefore make things look thin. I do prefer pointy-toed go-to black pumps: they make me feel tall!

What are your thoughts? What trends do you like (or hate)?

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