Monday, November 4, 2013

Crisp fall days

This weekend and today in the Maryland/DC area, it has been GORGEOUS! I know some people aren't looking forward to the cold winter (and don't get me wrong, I prefer warm weather), but I really can't complain about a beautiful fall day. Even if it's chilly out, as long as it's sunny, I am a happy camper. I was outside all day on Saturday, and it was just so pleasant out! I even wore a dress on Sunday! And this morning, when I was walking to and from the gym, my first thought was, "Brr, it's cold out!" but then I immediately changed my mindset to, "It is going to be a wonderful, sunny day. You can't beat that!" So, if you don't like the cold, just try to stay positive! Because, really, how can you be grouchy when it's so bright outside?! And with the time change, we get to see a little more sunshine (for at least a little while...). Get outside and enjoy!

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