Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kathy Mattea at the Avalon Theater

My mother invited me to join her and go to a Kathy Mattea concert. I had never heard of the singer, but my mom said she had a country music sound, so I figured I'd go. So we went to the Avalon Theater to see the show, and I ended up having a great time!

Mattea is from West Virginia, and I liked that throughout the show she would talk a little bit about her background and her roots. She also would credit the song writers before she sang a song, which I appreciated; I don't think I've ever heard a singer give credit to the writer). And she was so gracious toward these writers and other people who had influenced her career/music. She would crack jokes throughout the show, especially about having to tune her banjo. Mattea is so down-to-earth, fun, and warm. She makes you fall in love with her so easily!

She has a beautiful voice, and her band was great, too! The lead guitarist, fiddle/mandolin player, and bass player were awesome! I also liked the subjects of many of the songs. Mattea recently released an album called "Coal," and several of the songs she performed were about West Virginia's connection to coal, either how the men work in the mines or how the environment is affected, etc. I appreciated that she sang from many perspectives on the issue. I also enjoyed her religious songs, which mostly just make you feel thankful for your blessings. And of course there were the love songs. Here are some of the songs from the set she performed:

Where've You Been? (probably her most famous song)
Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses
Lonesome Standard Time
Mary, Did You Know? (a Christmas song)
Hello, My Name is Coal
The Wood Thrush's Song

I really liked discovering this artist! I'll definitely be interested if she comes into town again!

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