Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Movie Review: Dom Hemingway (Spoilers)

As others have noted, Dom Hemingway is the British version of The Wolf of Wall Street. There's drinking, drugs, sex, and cursing galore in this film. I think it may even be filthier than DiCaprio's movie, even if it doesn't use the F-word in particular as much. First of all, the movie opens with Jude Law's character getting a blow job, and during the act he just goes on and on about how "exquisite" his "cock" is. If I had been sitting in an aisle seat, I would have walked out right there. But alas, I was right in the middle of the row, so I was stuck in the theater for an hour and a half listening to foul language, watching half-naked women swimming or playing ping pong, and following along this sorry excuse for a man, a criminal who deserves what "shitty luck" he gets.

Perhaps there's some symbolism or deeper meaning that eludes me.  Is the picture of a monkey behind this man supposed to say he's really just an animal? I don't know.

I'll admit, I can be a prude sometimes, and I watch movies at a surface level. But I think many people would cringe at the vulgarity of this film, whether there is a hidden message in it or not.


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