Thursday, April 3, 2014

Movie Review: Lone Survivor (Spoilers!)

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I just watched this last night, and this movie is intense. Just like I said in my blog post about Captain Phillips, the suspense and action of these films is extreme because they are based on true stories. Don't get me wrong: the Die Hard series is action-packed, and Bruce Willis' character John McClane gets shot at and beat up, but you know it's pretend. Marcus Luttrell (the man who is the "Lone Survivor") actually LIVED that horror. He and three other Navy SEALs were shot at, hit with bullets (and whatever else), fell down cliffs and broke bones, and still kept fighting...All of that actually happened. Not to mention the helicopter that came to save them and was blown up, killing many other men. I did not read the book that Luttrell wrote about his experiences, but I hope he feels this film did him and his "brothers" justice. I greatly admire and respect the men and women of our armed forces, and movies like Lone Survivor remind us of the sacrifices they all make to keep the rest of us safe. Every night I pray for our soldiers and their families, and this film made me pray even harder. We must never forget the soldiers who have risked and perhaps lost their lives in order to protect us.

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