Thursday, April 17, 2014

Movie Review: Gigli [Spoilers]

Okay, I realize that Gigli came out AGES ago when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were actually dating in real life. I remember that it got horrible reviews and was a total flop. So I never watched it. But when I saw it was on Netflix Watch Instantly, I figured I'd judge the movie for myself.

I actually didn't think it was that bad! I mean, yes, there were some awkward scenes, like when Lopez' lesbian lover shows up and slits her wrists, or when Lopez tortures Affleck's libido by talking explicitly about why she prefers having sex with women to men (i.e. how the lips around your mouth and those around the vagina mirror each other) while doing yoga in a sports bra and spandex shorts on top of that. So there were some weird parts. And I agree this movie was not award-winning material, and both actors have done better work. But I thought Justin Bartha (the lovable side-kick in National Treasure) did an amazing job playing a mentally-handicapped person (ugh, how can I say that in a politically correct way?! I mean no offense by that term or by complimenting Bartha on his acting skills). Plus, seeing Bennifer together is hot.

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