Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie Review: Draft Day [Spoilers]

Last night I went to see Draft Day. I mean, who can resist a Kevin Costner sports movie? And he didn't disappoint. This was another fun movie for sports fans and movie goers alike. But I will say, I thought it was pretty predictable. I mean, sleeping with your co-worker (played by Jennifer Garner, whom I can't stand to begin with because of those teeth, but also is just too young for him) is so cliche. And the whole plot of the movie is all about the tension of who you're going to pick at the NFL draft. But I knew who he was going to go with. No way is Costner going to go for the All-American dream rookie quarterback: that would be too easy! In the end, everyone is happy with whom they picked for their teams. And Costner and Garner stop hiding their secret-not-so-secret relationship, mainly because she's knocked up. How irresponsible. Blech. But still, good movie. Not great classic like some of his others (see below), but still entertaining.

Other Costner sports movies (in case you've been living under a rock):
Tin Cup
Bull Durham
Field of Dreams
For Love of the Game

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