Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fashion Rant

The other day I received my usual Shop It To Me email, and it mentioned a huge BlueFly sale. Lord knows I don't need anymore clothes, but I figured I'd do some online shopping anyway and check out the deals. Although they have hundreds of items under $50 (which is awesome!), there are just too many items that I can't get behind. Cosmopolitan just published an article about why your clothes look cheap. Here are a few Cosmo didn't mention that I'm seeing all over the BlueFly website.

1. Exposed zippers. I realize this has been a trend for a couple of years now, but I am just not into it. I think an exposed zipper can completely ruin the effect and silhouette of a beautiful dress. Why not just put in a small, unnoticeable zipper, either down the back or even along the side, where it's even less likely to be seen? It's like someone just didn't take their time and just slapped a zipper onto the dress.

2. Unmatched seams. If you're going to make a shirt or dress out of a printed fabric, you need to match up the seams! Otherwise you're stuck with a flower or feather cut in half in an odd place. I'm sure many of you are thinking, "No one notices that!" But I notice, and I can't purchase an article of clothing knowing that there's some bird missing its head or daisy missing half its petals.

The zipper goes right through these eyelet flowers!

The feathers are not aligned at the neck line here.
3. Unfinished backs. Lately I've seen a lot of pieces that have a beautiful print featured on the front of the garment, but when you look at the back, it's just plain black! It's like someone didn't have enough fabric to finish the whole thing, so they just threw together some random fabric on the back to make a complete piece of clothing.

You'd think the back of this dress would match the front, right? Nope. Just black.
*All photos are from the BlueFly website.

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