Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Movie Review: One Day [SPOILERS]

Okay, I realize this movie came out ages ago, but I just got around to watching it. Before I saw it, I only knew that it was a love story starring Anne Hathaway (who is not my favorite, but whatevs).

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I'm just going to throw it out there: this movie is awful. And not just because of Hathaway's huge lips and fake British accent. No, just the entire plot, the whole idea of this movie, is horrible. The gist is that, on graduation day, she hopes to hook up with this guy; it doesn't happen, but they remain lifelong friends. So the whole time during the movie you see them talking to each other on the phone or getting together briefly to catch up, the whole time knowing that she likes him and he's a complete idiot who just wants sex. Anyway, they're both screw-ups (she's a writer-become-Mexican restaurant manager living in London with a guy she doesn't love; he's a social climber who's on drugs/drinks a lot and shows no respect to anyone, including his mom with cancer). So in the midst of these 20 years you watch them fall apart and come back together, etc. in this messy way. In the end, they FINALLY get together, get married, and then she's riding her bike one day and BOOM! She gets hit by a truck and dies. The end.

I mean, what?! First of all, the idea of the whole "turning my best guy friend whom I've loved forever into my boyfriend" is so cliché and never works out anyway (clearly: she ended up dead in the middle of the street when she could have stayed with the sexy French jazz musician). Also, who wants to watch a movie about two dysfunctional people and their dysfunctional pseudo-platonic relationship? I have my shit together, and I like to watch movies about people who have their shit together; if you're a mess, fictional or otherwise, I just don't want to deal with you. And just the frustration of knowing that they love each other but couldn't put two-and-two together until 20 years after that graduation night is simply annoying. Why couldn't they just fall in love on graduation night, and then we could have watched a lovely movie about a happily married couple (instead of waiting until the last 20 minutes of the film)? The movie tries to save itself in the end by showing you a flashback to the wonderful day these two had after that graduation night, but the happy ending comes too late, simply because you already know SHE GOT HIT BY A BUS AND DIED.

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