Thursday, October 23, 2014

Movie Review: Adore [SPOILERS]

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After grabbing an early dinner with a friend, I came home the other night and figured I'd just relax. Which obviously means watching another movie.

I had Adore on my Netflix Watch Instantly queue, mainly because it's a foreign romance film, which usually means things are going to get kinky real quick. This film is a recipe for a sexual disaster: two Australian women who have been life-long best friends start sleeping with each other's sons. ZOMG! Obviously there are issues with this dysfunctional situation. There's the realization that they're doing something wrong, then continuing with it anyway because it makes them feel good, then the heartbreak of couples breaking up when new romances begin (and end)... There's just a lot of hurt involved. But the characters do this (and we watch it) because everyone involved is so freakin' gorgeous! Most of the time they're in bathing suits or beautiful beach chic (think maxi dresses and halter tops for the ladies, linen button-downs and docksiders for the boys). I mean, Naomi Watts gettin' it on with some beach boy who's half her age? Who doesn't want to see that? I can't help but watch movies with beautiful people in them: even if the plot is bad, at least I am visually satisfied. The whole point of watching movies is to escape, right? Well, I certainly don't see people (ahem, bodies) like this in my day-to-day reality. So thank you, Adore.

Plus they all have Australian accents, which is super-hot.

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