Thursday, January 28, 2016

Concert: Cover band "Viper" performing the Top Gun soundtrack

I LOVE the movie Top Gun. It is definitely one of my favorites, and I probably watch it at least once a year. So when I heard that a cover band call Viper was going to perform the whole movie soundtrack at the Howard Theatre, I had to get tickets.

But I will admit this: I knew the show wasn't going to be very popular. I got my tickets off of Goldstar for around $10; you know when a show is on Goldstar that they're desperate to sell tickets. And sure enough, there were less than 100 people in this beautiful theater for the show. I mean, the place was DEAD. It also didn't help that the band was over 30 minutes late; people were getting annoyed (including me!). But there were some die-hard fans there, wearing aviator sunglasses, bomber jackets, and even costume flight suits, so there was still good energy in the place, even if it was a mostly quiet energy.

At least the show was entertaining. The band members played different characters from the movie, and throughout the concert there were bits of dialog from the film, so it wasn't just about the music! They were very creative, even if the singing wasn't Grammy-worthy. Here are some photos:

Zoe "Maverick" Friedman is the main singer.
Dominique "Goose" Scott also performed vocals.
Alex "Iceman" Prezzano. Clearly.
Marques "Sundown" Walls, helmet and all.
Jamie Mohamdein as "Charlie." Funny, but a bit disturbing.
During this song, the band threw beach balls that looked like volleyballs out into the audience. And while the video game in the background was fun, I think we all like the original scene better (see below). Yummy photos here.

We all remember this blue love scene. So this is just the comical version of that (see video below).

That blur is a little parachute with a tiny dead Goose hanging from it. :(
Goose as an angel returns, along with little toy jets to play out the last scene.
 It was definitely a fun show. I just wish more people were there to enjoy and appreciate it!

Click here to listen to the full movie soundtrack.

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