Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's 2016: The Metropolitan

Last year, my boyfriend and I went to the Metropolitan in Annapolis for New Year's Eve (read my blog post about it here). They hosted another party this year (info here), so we decided to go again.

At least I drank a bottle of this before heading over. Image found here.
I will admit: this year's party was not as good as last year's. For one, you didn't get a free shot of Piehole Whiskey, and the free champagne they had for the toast was horrible (I don't know what kind of champagne it was, but even AndrĂ© is better than whatever they were serving.). So the alcohol factor was definitely lacking. 

The saxophonist was not there that night.
Screen grab from
The music also wasn't as good this year. We only got to see two bands instead of three, so already I felt like we paid more than we should have (why pay the same price for less alcohol and fewer bands?). Sweet Leda was the first band to go on. The lead singer, Julie Cymek, took a few songs to warm up, but she has a great voice. I enjoyed when Alex Crean from the next band, the Kelly Bell Band, joined in with his saxophone. The later band was okay, too, but I felt like both bands played more slow songs than I would have liked. I wanted to feel some energy! 

And the DJs throughout the night weren't much better. The DJ who was playing before the live music started was mainly playing songs from the 70's (it was a much older crowd this year), and Marc Nfinit, who was the main DJ on the rooftop, was playing some obscure hip-hop songs, lots of Prince, and not enough top 40 hits. But, the best dancing was definitely up on the rooftop, where all the drunk young people were hanging out (don't get me started on the girl in the romper who was dancing on the tables...). My boyfriend and I danced throughout most of the night, so that was fun! And I loved showing off my sequin skirt from White House Black Market (especially since most people didn't make too much of an effort to dress up...).

I only paid $10 for mine at an outlet! Image found here.
Don't get me wrong: I'd rather go to any party than sit around my house for New Year's Eve. But after having so much fun last year at the Metropolitan, I was sort of disappointed this time around. It's hard to find another party for such a good price, though (only $10 a person), so I wouldn't be surprised if I come again next year...Old habits die hard, especially during New Year's Resolutions season.

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