Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 Delaware State Fair

Every summer (or almost every summer), I visit the Delaware State Fair. I grew up going to this fair, so it's nostalgic for me every time I go. My dad and I went a few weekends ago, and we had so much fun!

Because it was so hot, we started with all of the inside activities, which really just means looking at a bunch of tables with people trying to sell you something or convince you of their political cause. We breezed through these because, quite frankly, they're boring. We also went to the building where there were ribbon-winning arts/crafts and vegetables. It's fun seeing how creative people (especially children!) can be with their quilts, photography, paintings, and the prize-winning veggies like squash and ears and corn is neat, too!

After that we sat under a tent and watched a pogo stick performance by XPogo. I've only tried using a pogo stick once, and I certainly didn't do anything fancy. But these three guys bounced more than six feet in the air and did really neat tricks! Henry Cabelus was the most talented: he did multiple back-flips in a row on his pogo stick! You can see some videos here.

Then we went to see all of the animals, which is my favorite part! The chickens and rabbits weren't there yet, so we think they come to the fair later in the summer. But we did see all the other mammals, including a giraffe!

Look at these cute little goats!
And these fluffy sheep!
"He's a big pig!"
These cows are huge! I had my dad stand next to them for scale!
This is the tiniest horse I've ever seen!
I got to feed carrots to a giraffe!
The other giraffe had a liking for this pole...
Some of the animals are quite the fashionistas:

Sheep in leotards!
Hmm, a little too much like the KKK for my taste...
This horse is very colorful!
The animals are really the reason we go. We rarely go on any rides or play the carnival games, and this year we barely ate any fair food (other than the biggest snow cone I've ever had in my life). We sometimes go to see country music concerts, but I had seen most of the acts that were coming to the fair this year. So not exactly the quintessential fair experience, but we still had a good time!

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