Monday, August 29, 2016

Concert: Lonestar at Rams Head On Stage

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This past weekend, I went to Rams Head On Stage to see Lonestar. I had never seen them perform before, so I was looking forward to this local show. I didn't realize that Lonestar has been around for 24 years! So they have a lot of songs! It was too bad that the show started with two of their silliest songs, "My Front Porch Looking In" and "Mr. Mom"; I don't like kids, and any song that has "sippy cup" in the lyrics is not poetry. They also played several cover songs (most of which I didn't know; they were before my time), and when you only have a 90 minute show, I think the band should play all of their biggest hits instead of playing unnecessary filler songs (There's nothing to fill! It's such a short set!).

But the band is entertaining even past their singing! The keyboardist Dean Sams (who also plays the harmonica) was very funny, eating some cake from an audience member and telling fun stories about some of their big fans. All of the guys were making jokes and connecting with the crowd, which was fun. And the audience could really harmonize when we were singing along to the songs; I was impressed!

The band played some of their new songs (they have a new CD called Never Enders). I liked "I Know It Was You" best, but I wasn't ready to commit to buying the CD. They also performed a medley of a few of their songs, which I thought was a good idea for such a short show.

Here are some of their biggest hits:


I'm Already There

Not a Day Goes By

What About Now (I had totally forgotten they sang this song!)

One thing I should say about the venue is that the food is hit or miss. Last time I got one of the flatbreads, which was pretty good. But the pulled pork panini was sub-par, and the water tasted like crabs! I realize we were in Annapolis, but I'm pretty sure tap water should just taste like water...

I'm glad I can say I've seen Lonestar live, but I'm not sure I would see them again. I can check them off my country music bucket list, but they're getting older and not really enunciating when they sing. And the venue isn't all that. But any night on the town is better than staying in!

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