Monday, August 8, 2016

Concert: Garbage at the Lincoln Theatre

Even though I just saw Garbage at the 9:30 Club in October (read my blog post about it), I was so excited to see that they were coming back to DC this summer, so I immediately bought tickets for me and my dad.

I couldn't remember if I had been to the Lincoln Theatre before or not, but I thought I had seen an a capella showcase there (which I had. See this blog post here). I thought it had seats, but since most of the concerts I go to are standing room only, I couldn't quite remember. But, yes, the Lincoln Theatre does have seats, and it is probably the classiest venue I've ever seen a rock concert in. It's beautiful inside, and the seats were so cushy! The crowd was a little older (well, Garbage has been around for a while!), so I think their clientele won't put up with a huge crowded mosh pit anymore. And while we stood up for the show, we did sit through the opener, so that was quite comfy!

Speaking of the opener, Kristin Kontrol was really cool! We thought we were going to get blown away by how loud the music was! I liked the music, but it is SO synthesized. I couldn't really even tell if she had a good voice or not because of how synthesized everything was. And her dance moves definitely need some work; they were a little trite, and the dance moves were so rehearsed that she didn't come off as natural. But she was better than Garbage's last opener, Torres, so I was still pleased with her performance. You can check out her YouTube channel here. And here is her video for her song "Smoke Rings."

Shirley Manson looks pretty severe with the back of her head shaved! (and she kept grabbing her crotch for some reason!)
Then it was time for Garbage! The crowd was so into it, especially since the band has a new album out ("Strange Little Birds"). Shirley Manson had tons of energy (as usual!), and even though the band had a substitute drummer in that night, he held his own and I thought the show was fantastic! Both my dad and I liked this show better than the last one because they played more of a mix of all their music, old and new. Here are some of their new songs they sang:

Even Though Our Love Is Doomed (this video was taped just a few months ago)



Here are the songs they played from their album "Bleed Like Me," which is my favorite of theirs:

Why Do You Love Me

Bleed Like Me

Sex Is Not the Enemy. Shirley introduced this song by talking about how the US is dealing with so much politics and how everyone just wants the same things: "safety, security, happiness, food on the table for our families." The crowd roared, and both my dad and I said, "Shirley for president!" Garbage has always been a supporter of the LGBT community, and this song is about that.

 And here are some other songs they performed:

Stupid Girl

Push It (not to be confused with the Salt-N-Pepper version)

Only Happy When It Rains

Automatic Systematic Habit (not to be confused with The All-American Rejects song "Dirty Little Secret")

I Think I'm Paranoid

What a great show!!! I definitely need to go to Amazon and buy some more Garbage CDs now...

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