Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Post

Clearly I had to write a blog post about Halloween. I will admit, it's not my favorite holiday. I'm more into the candy than I am into the dressing up. However, here are some photos of me in costumes since 2007. Although I won a a DC EcoWomen Halloween costume this week, I did not take a photo because I simply recycled my 2008 costume. I'm assuming I will never buy a new costume again because I can always just re-use what I've got!

 2007: This was my freshman fall in college. I had not planned on dressing up because it's just not my thing. But my friend wanted to celebrate, so I had to throw something together from whatever I had in my closet. Hence the "Slutty Office Woman" outfit. Blouse unbuttoned, bra hangin' out, condom tucked into the bra, and a hickey I drew on my next with a pencil. Ta-da!

2008: This is now my go-to costume. It's so easy to dress up as a cat once you have a pair of ears (and I just happen to love leopard-print). The heels really make the outfit, though. PS: That was a friend's messy dorm room, not mine!

2012: I had this dress in my closet for ages and finally actually got to wear it! This flapper dress is super-cute when paired with some long gloves, sexy thigh highs, and the slimline cigarette holder is just the finishing touch (no, I don't actually smoke).

What did YOU dress us as this year?

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