Monday, January 5, 2015

Addendum: Restaurant Review of Mission BBQ

I know I just went to Mission BBQ recently (and wrote a review about it), but I had to go back.

This time I tried the dessert (I totally forgot to order a side salad to try that...), which was the pecan pie casserole. Let me just tell you, it is pure high fructose corn syrup (or molasses as they call it). There are actual pecans, so that's nice, but this total sugar-bomb really should not be eaten under any circumstances; you will regret it, especially if your New Year's resolution is to lose weight. So I am already looking forward for the change to the next seasonal dessert...Also, the cream of corn is way more cream than corn; it tastes like rice pudding, except with corn kernels instead of rice.

But other than that, Mission BBQ continues to impress me. Karen at the Laurel location was very sweet and attentive, and even offered us samples of the sausage with some mustard. Everyone likes free food! She also brought me my favorite sauce samples when she gave me a box for my extra food (along with a paper bag with a handwritten "Thank you!" on it). If only she got paid on commission...

Also, I did not use the restroom during my last visit, and I think that should be part of a restaurant review, too. The two posters by the ladies' room feature An Officer and a Gentleman and Top Gun, two great Navy movies. So I mirror Tom Cruise's thumbs up!

Paramount Pictures. Image found here:

The inside of the ladies' room was much fancier than you might expect from a BBQ place with counter service. Each stall is actually a miniature room, and there are wood and granite details throughout. The walls are covered in black-and-white photos of soldiers kissing their girlfriends/wives, which I thought was quite a nice touch. How romantic!

Image found here:
And this iconic photograph!

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