Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winter Classic

On New Year's Day, my family and I saw the Winter Classic hockey game at the Nationals baseball stadium in Washington, D.C. This game is part of the real sports season, but it's exciting because this game is played outside, where the sport of hockey was born. The teams playing were the Washington Capitals (the home team) and the Chicago Blackhawks, and my family was all decked out in red for the Caps.

My parents. How cute!
My sister and me. I DO have a jersey on under there, all bundled up!
 This was a special game, and the pre-game ceremony was one of the best parts! Men and woman from all five branches of the military (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy) were honored, and the Army Choir sang the national anthem.

 A huge flag was spread out over the ice by men in all different hockey uniforms, and fireworks and jets flew overhead as the song ended. How patriotic! (Click here for a video.)

Here are some photos:

Our view from the ice in section 235
A full-field view from higher up
A miniature Capital building in the outfield with a mini-rink in front of it for the Mites on Ice!
Gavin DeGraw was one of the musical acts, along with Billy Idol and Lee Greenwood.
 It was a great, high-scoring game, and obviously we were pumped that the Caps won! WOOT!

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