Saturday, January 31, 2015

Restaurant Review: RedRocks Pizzeria on H Street

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The other night my boyfriend and I stopped by the RedRocks on H Street after seeing a comedy show at the Atlas Theater.We figured we'd have some drinks and a little dessert before heading home after our night on the town. Curtains line the front door, and the atmosphere on this Friday night was quite romantic, with a quiet crowd, low incandescent lighting, and cushy benches lining the walls.

When we walked in, no host greeted us, so we seated ourselves at the bar. The bartenders were all very nice and attentive, and we put in our order. Unfortunately we didn't care for anything we got. The "ATC" cocktail my boyfriend ordered looked better than it actually was; this fun pink drink served in a martini glass didn't taste as fruity as it smelled. My prosecco came out of a tap like a beer, which I didn't find classy at all, and there was sediment at the bottom of my glass (although I was given quite a large glassful, so perhaps I shouldn't complain). And even though nothing really tickled our fancy on the dessert menu (which you can only find out about verbally, by the way), we decided on the apple crisp. Let me say this: I didn't know it was possible to make a bad apple crisp. But RedRocks did it. The apples tasted like they came out of can, so it didn't seem fresh, at times even tasting like metallic fish. And there was no "crisp" whatsoever. Instead, the apples were topped with a powder (chalk?) that tasted like oatmeal but did not have the lovely texture that most fruit crisps offer. Why did I throw my New Year's resolution out the window for that?

I can't speak for the pizza since I didn't try it, but my boyfriend says that it's good. So maybe I'll go back to try the pizza another time. But I feel like someone owes me a free canoli.

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