Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Concert: Echo and the Bunnymen

Image found here. This "symbol" was all over their merchandise!
Last week, I went to the 9:30 Club to see Echo and the Bunnymen with my dad. We saw them at the HFStival in Baltimore when I was in high school, but the lead singer was actually sick, so they only performed two songs back then. So this time we got a much better experience!

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The opening band was Skyline Hotel (not to be confused with Skyline Motel). The band is headed up by two brothers, Jeff and Jon Lee; one focuses on vocals while the other is the lead guitarist (with serious skills!). I liked their indie pop/rock sound, but I do wish they would have enunciated more with the lyrics. But maybe that just means I should buy their new EP?

The only time the lead singer was actually well-lit!
I will admit that while I like the music of Echo and the Bunnymen, I'm not really sure they're worth seeing live. The lead singer, Ian McCulloch, was kept in the dark almost the entire show (probably because he doesn't want everyone to see how old he's become!). None of the band members really danced, so they were just standing there on stage. McCulloch was drinking and smoking on stage between songs, and with his heavy British accent, the only time I could understand what he was saying when he was talking to the crowd was "Thank you" (his singing voice is much clearer!). Here's an hour-long video of some of the band's "best of" songs:

"Lips Like Sugar" was one of the only songs my dad recognized and was one of our favorites:

This was the first show where I finally got around to using my 9:30 Club "Friends with Benefits" card. I'm so excited to start collecting points, especially since I go to this venue all the time! If you're a frequent concert-goer, I definitely recommend that you sign up for it, too!

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