Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas movie, 1: The Holiday

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to watch Christmas movies. There are so many good ones to choose from, so I thought I'd give you reviews of some of my favorites.

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The Holiday is definitely one of my top picks. First of all, it has a great cast! You can't go wrong with bubbly Cameron Diaz, beautiful Kate Winslet, handsome Jude Law, and funny-man Jack Black. PLUS you have Eli Wallach, who plays a lovable old man famous in Hollywood (which is probably who he is in real life...). This romantic comedy is super-fun because you have not one but two love stories to follow; they aren't ridiculously silly or completely far-fetched tales of love, but funny coincidences that you think could easily happen to you if you simply took off for Christmas to a different country. You can relate to all of the characters because they seem so real and down-to-earth; you want to be friends (or lovers) with all of them! It's such a happy movie, and that is why I can watch it every Christmas and not get bored of it. You have to watch it!

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