Monday, December 30, 2013


Ok, so I didn't write a blog post every day this year like I said in my New Year's Resolution. But I was pretty darn close! I hope you've enjoyed reading some of my stories/tales/advice columns this year. Let's see what happened:

1. Friends/Boys/Family. Of course the people around me are the most important part of my life. I have continued having an amazing time with my sorority sisters, I've made many new friends here in DC, and I hope to make many more in 2014. I love my family very much, and I know many of my posts mention how much I appreciate them and all they have done for me. And though I may not have named names, I discreetly wrote about the boys in my life for 2013. There were good ones and bad ones; that's life. I had the guy who I was half-way in love with tell me he was back with his ex. I had the really nice, good kisser guy who turned out to be gay. There was the cute tennis player who ended up being the biggest jerk ever. And I found an amazing man to ring in the New Year with.

2. Comments. Though the comments on my blog were few and far between (and most of them were from my mother...), I did get into a Twitter war about my Ballets with a Twist post. It got over 200 views! Like they say in Hollywood: "Any press is good press." I'm just psyched that people read my blog, whether they liked it or not!

3. Events/Shows. I have no idea how much money I spent on tickets for concerts/ballets/plays/other performances, but I have been leading a very cosmopolitan life here in DC! All of these cultural activities are one of the many perks to living near a city, and I will continue to take advantage of that! Some of my favorite venues in the area include: the 9:30 Club, the Kennedy Center, the Fillmore, and the Strathmore.

4. Quotes. I have been inspired by so many words this year, from songs to random quotes I found on the internet. I hope the ones I have shared with you have motivated you in the same way, and that they reached you like they touched me.

5. I know how to fix a toilet. This is a huge lifetime achievement.

6. Fashion/Food/Movies/Exercise/Social Etiquette. I wrote a lot about these. These were usually the days I wasn't sure what else to write about...But this blog was for me to write about whatever I wanted, so there you go.

For 2014, I will continue to write blog posts, but only if I actually have something exciting to write about. No more posts about how I like my cereal in the morning or random things like that! But if I see a cultural performance or travel somewhere cool, I will write about it. So I won't be posting regularly, but you may see something from me pop up every once in a while.

Thank you again for reading! A public blog is no good unless people actually look at it!

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