Monday, December 23, 2013

Last quote from Kona Kase

This is the last month I will receive an orange Kona Kase in the mail (living on a budget takes the fun out of everything!). When I opened up the December box, the monthly quote inside was amazing:

It is better to have lived one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep. - Tibetan Proverb

I absolutely adore this quote. I can't remember when I first felt this particular sentiment, but at least since college, I simply cannot stand meek people (especially women). You have one life to live, and you're going to spend it being soft-spoken (I can't HEAR you! Enunciate!), not sharing your opinions, and simply adhering to social norms, and by the time you're on your deathbed, you have lived an average life of someone following the herd. REALLY?! That's how you want your story to go?!

I don't think so. That is NOT me. I'm not exactly sure how my parents did it, but they raised me to be a confident woman who makes her own decisions. I plan on living most of my days like a tiger. I want to be admired for being smart, strong, beautiful, and everything else this majestic feline is. I never want to be known for being shy, timid, or pathetic. So get it together and ROAR!

*Ok, I'm ashamed I like that Katy Perry song. But it's so catchy!

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