Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

I LOVE the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It's so much fun, with the musical guests, the great costumes, and of course the beautiful models! I'm a tough critic, but here are my thoughts from this year's runway show.

1. Themes. The show is segmented into several themes with miniature "collections" for each. I loved the finale with the "Snow Angels" theme, and the "British Invasion" and "Parisian Nights" were pretty classy, too. I never like the PINK collection (it's so childish, yet it's lingerie...creepy!), and the "Shipwrecked" theme looked like the costumes for the Pirates porno movie. That's trashy, not sexy.

Snow Angels: What's not to love about cute, sexy snowflakes come to life?

British Invasion: Love the tailoring of this mini-collection. Very sassy!

Parisian Nights: These just scream sex appeal. Plus, that Eiffel Tower on Barbara's head is adorable!

PINK: The emoticons and balloons are just awful... These models look like characters from Candy Land, not models for the most famous lingerie company in the world (next to La Perla).

Shipwrecked: The colors are just so dull, and the models look like they're wrapped in funky sheets. 

 2. Wings. Ever since Victoria's Secret came up with the idea of their models as "Angels," wings have been part of the annual fashion show. Here are some of my favorites (clearly I prefer the "traditional" look of angel wings).

3. Musical acts. I was VERY impressed this year with the musical acts. For one, I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan, so I supposed I'm biased on that front. And with her costumes, she looked like she should be one of the models! And Fall Out Boy (a band I haven't listened to since high school) was great (unlike Panic! at the Disco , who were totally spastic during the Miss Universe pageant).

All in all, a wonderful show. It's SO visually stimulating that you can't help but be mesmerized!

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