Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Movie Review: Flight

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I never saw Flight in theaters, but it's on Netflix Watch Instantly, and I love me some Denzel (no last name required). I thought it was really good! One of my co-workers made it sound like during the movie, you don't know whether he has an addiction problem, but you know the whole time that he's addicted to alcohol/cocaine/who knows what else. BUT the main thing that gets you about the movie is the ethical dilemma. The whole idea behind the plot is that Denzel's character is a pilot, and his plane crashes; he was drunk/high during the flight, but he was able to land the plane so that only 6 people died. Through tests, no one else could land the plane like he did, so he saved a lot of lives. So what do you do? Does he go to jail, since he was flying under the influence? Or do you call him a hero? What do you think? Watch it and let me know!

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