Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Movie 4: Home Alone

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Home Alone definitely is one of my top picks for Christmas movies. It is just so much fun! Macaulay Culkin was so cute as a little kid (not sure what happened...), and he does a great job in this film. He's left all alone for Christmas (his family accidentally leaves him at home when they go off to France), and he becomes the "man of the house." In some way he acts like a kid left to his own devices (eating ice cream sundaes whenever he wants, sledding down the stairs in his house), but in other ways he grows up and thinks of the household (cuts down a Christmas tree, buys groceries). My favorite scenes are when he uses a scene from the movie "Angels with Filthy Souls" (a spoof movie itself) to get what he wants (order pizza, scare burglars). Such a fun film, and I will never be too old to watch it!

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