Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas movie #6: Love Actually

Really, this should have been #1, because it's my favorite Christmas movie. But I wanted to re-watch it before I wrote this post so that I would be super-pumped to tell you all about it! The best part of this movie is the fact that there are so many characters and different story lines. You have:

1. The young British Colin Frissell () who heads off to America to find love (ok...sex),
2. The broken-hearted author () who falls for the Portuguese maid () even with the language barrier,
3. The 11-year-old boy () who feels "the total agony of love" for the popular girl at school (),
4. The old rock star () who realizes his manager () is the "love of his life," 
5. The handsome British Prime Minister () who loves the voluptuous assistant (),
6. The baggage-ridden Sarah () who's desperately in love with her co-worker hottie Karl (),
7. The story of love lost when 's character loses his wife,
8. The traditional tale of adultery between boss (, also known as Professor Snape) and secretary () with the poor wife () staying strong for the sake of the children,
9. The actor stand-ins and who fall in love while working naked with one another,
10. The love-sick Mark () who obsesses over Juliet () even though she married his best friend Peter (),

...and I think that's all. It's just a sweet story of all different kinds of love, how complicated or simple they are, and how love actually "is all around." So fun, so cute, I can't say enough about this movie!

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