Monday, February 25, 2013

Taylor Swift

Now, say what you like about Taylor Swift, but I swear she is the epitome of every girl's/woman's heart. I dare you to find a woman who can't relate to at least one of her songs (whether it's about being in love or about heartbreak [it's gotta be one or the other]). I feel like when I listen to any of her songs, I can name a person or situation in my life that she's singing about. So I totally recommend jamming out to Taylor Swift whenever A. you really like somebody and you two are in love B. you like someone and he doesn't like you or C. you don't like someone anymore. And let's face it: you're at one of these stages of your life all the time (or maybe even more than one of these at once). Which means you should have Taylor on repeat. All. The. Time. At least someone understands you and what you're feeling!

Twitter: @taylorswift13

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