Monday, April 10, 2017

Billy Currington Concert

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I love country music, and when I saw Billy Currington was coming to the Fillmore (I've never seen him live before), I was so excited! I guess other people were, too: I arrived just before doors opened, and the line was SO long! I've seen it around the corner before, but it went all the way around the NEXT corner; the show was sold out! But once I got inside, it really wasn't that crowded, and I was able to sneak my way closer to the stage. I'd say if there were such things as "rows" in a standing-room-only venue, I was in the seventh row, so I was pretty close. I had a great view for an amazing show!

The opener for the concert was Jillian Jacqueline. I had never heard of her before, but she has a beautiful voice! I was very impressed. After listening to some of her music online, she's one of those few artists who actually sounds better in-person. She's rather new on the scene, and most of the videos I found are for songs she did NOT perform last night. Check out her Facebook page and see her post (either on April 7 or 8) that shows a video of her performing the songs "Bleachers" and "Hate Me;" you'll also see the silly romper she was wearing (so ready for those to be out of style!). But I really like her music and her voice! I could relate to a lot of her songs, so she's a great songwriter, too. I'll totally buy a CD (I know, I'm old-school like that.)!

Prime (This is her biggest hit.)

Keep This Safe


Won't Let Go

On This Eve (She even has a Christmas song!)

Then it was Billy's turn! I had forgotten how many good songs he has; I also didn't realize that some songs I knew from the radio were his! Clearly I need to keep up with things better (and learn the difference between Billy Currington and Dierks Bentley). And I only just learned he has SIX albums. I didn't know he was so prolific! He had great energy, and I think he was loving the crowd (maybe I'm biased since I was part of it!). Here are some of his biggest hits that he performed:

Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right 

 It Don't Hurt Like It Used To

Hey Girl

We Are Tonight

Good Directions

Let Me Down Easy

Don't It

I Got a Feelin'


That's How Country Boys Roll

People Are Crazy

Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer

And here are two of his newer songs that I hadn't heard before but really liked:

Wake Me Up (The lyrics remind me of Luke Bryan's "Crash My Party." I love the beat of this song!)

Do I Make You Wanna (The lyrics make it seem like men actually want to know what you're thinking and give you what you want; like they are open about their insecurities and they're okay with admitting that they worry about whether you like them or not. Too bad it's just a song...)

Of course he couldn't play all of his songs; he even talked to the audience about this, saying that he can only pack so many songs from years of music into an hour. I like his song "Why, Why, Why," which he didn't play. And I wish he and Jillian had performed "Party for Two" together. That duet would have been awesome!

His encore song was Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places"

This was such a terrific show. I love Billy's music, and Jillian's performance was just icing on the cake (since I had no idea who the opener was when I bought the tickets). I'm looking forward to hearing more music from both of them in the future!

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