Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chocolate Seder

While I did attend a traditional Passover Seder on Monday, last night I attended a different kind of Seder: dinner was dessert! What a fun idea!

The Chocolate Seder Plate
-A Tootsie Roll or other chocolate candy bar represents the shankbone.
-A chocolate egg-shaped object was the egg, representing the cycle of life.
-Bitter chocolate (i.e. very dark chocolate) is like the bitter herbs.
-A strawberry was the karpas, or vegetable (usually served as parsley or lettuce).
-A "chocolate mixture" was the charoset, representing the mortar Hebrew slaves used in Egypt. At the event I went to, we used honey.

We drank four glasses of chocolate milk instead of wine. Image found here
Instead of dipping the greens into salt water, we dipped strawberries into liquid chocolate, like fondue! Image found here

Of course we enjoyed chocolate-covered matzah! Image found here
I liked the twists to the traditional stories that are told on Passover. Instead of the four children asking about the story of Passover, these four children asked about eating chocolate (or the wicked one, who just ate a lot of chocolate and "consequently had fifteen cavities and was very fat."). And the ten plagues were a little different, too:

Destruction of Chocolate

Instead of making a matzah sandwich with the horseradish and apple charoset, we took the dark chocolate, dipped it in honey, and then ate it between two pieces of chocolate-covered matzah. Yum!

The blessings were also changed slightly: "Through God's abundance, we have never yet been in want; but we may have been sick to our stomachs. God sustains and does good to all, and provides cocoa for all the creatures of the world. Blessed are You, Adonai our God, who provides chocolate for all."

It was a very fun evening! And even though this wasn't a traditional Passover, it was still very respectful, and I loved the sense of community at the Columbia Heights Moishe House. I've always thought I couldn't host my own Seder because I could never do all the cooking, but I could definitely host something like this!

*Click here for a copy of the entire Chocolate Seder Haggadah.

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