Saturday, June 29, 2013

AT&T National golf tournament

I had a Living Social deal to see the AT&T National golf tournament today. I bought two tickets so that I could take my dad, who plays golf regularly. Neither of us had been to a tournament in person before, so we thought it would be fun. And fun it was! For one, it was a beautiful day out, with plenty of sunshine and a nice breeze to cool things off. What better way to spend a summer day than taking a long stroll? Also, even though I've watched golf on TV plenty of times, it was interesting to see the game in person, like any sport. The golfers make every stroke look so easy, even though I know golf is actually very complicated! It was also cool to see famous players in the flesh, like Vijay Singh (Tiger Woods wasn't there because he supposedly has a boo boo on his elbow...). It was such a fun, new experience!

If I ever were to go again, I would change a few things. For one, I'd scope the surrounding area out for the cheapest, closest parking spot. Many home owners opened their lawns to parking for $20, which worked out perfectly, but closer is always convenient when you know you're going to be walking outside in the heat for a couple of hours! I would also bring a big tote bag for all of the free goodies you get at the entrance, like tees, golf balls, koozies, etc., since my Vera Bradley bag could barely handle the load. A picnic blanket or sheet would come in handy, too. While it's definitely fun to walk around the course to see all of the different holes, it would also have been pleasant to place a blanket in the shade and just enjoy seeing all of the different players come through at one spot (although since I didn't go to the gym today, the ~5 mile walk today was my exercise). We enjoyed eating our burgers and soda on the grass, but a homemade picnic would have been nice as well (you just have to be sneaky!).

But honestly, the day could not have gone better. My dad and I had wonderful weather, we got in some good golf-watching and got some fresh air, the food, though casual, satisfied our hunger (I love me some frozen lemonade), and we spent a lovely afternoon with one another. A perfect Daddy-daughter day!

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