Saturday, June 15, 2013

I love my body!

I love my body. As a woman, I'm pretty proud of that. In our superficial society, surrounded by stick-thin images of models in magazines and catalogs and television and movies, there are few every-day women who can say they're happy with their bodies. I am confident in the way I look; I even was when I was in college and 20 pounds heavier! I'm looking better than ever, which only makes me work harder to maintain my physique.

I pretty much love every part of my body: The indentation along my spine down my back; the way my shoulder blades protrude when I stand up straight;  my jutting collarbone and noticeable sternum; my flat stomach with the beginnings of a six-pack; my defined biceps and triceps on my arms; and of course my bootylicious backside, my greatest ASS-et. Haha, you see what I did there? Anyway, I always want to show it all off, but then I remember I have to wear clothes.Clothes do an injustice for my body!

I think some people are under the impression that I've always looked good. But I was not born this way. I definitely had my fat, ugly stage in middle school, which I tried to cure by doing Denise Austin workout videos in my bedroom after school (even at a young age a wanted to have a healthier body). In high school I ran track, which was a pretty sad excuse for exercise (seeing as I ran the 100-meter dash, which lasts all of about 16 seconds), and I became a gym rat in college (when your father is paying $50K/year, you better take advantage of the gym!) but ate HUGE portions from the dining hall. After losing a lot of weight after graduation, I was surprised at how good my body looked. I don't know if I had ever looked so slim (and slim, not skinny).

Now I could never go back to my college body. Once you look this way, it gives you a sense of power knowing that you can keep it like this as long as you work at it. I am still a gym rat, yet I try to go at least 5 times a week (including 2-a-days sometimes) instead of every-other day like I did in college. I do cardio, free weights, spinning, yoga, and total body conditioning workout classes. Having a healthy-looking body takes work, but it is so worth it. Every morning you wake up feeling amazing and actually enjoy looking in the mirror at your body. I wish every woman had this same sort of confidence!

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